Friday, November 17, 2006

SAML paired with Skype

Jeff has made available a SAML document he created. It's more than just an overview, but rather 'How to Study and Learn SAML".

As a starting point, Jeff recommends
Begin by studying various SAML Profiles, e.g. those given in [[SAMLProf]] and [SIP-SAML]. One will likely find the SAML Technical Overview whitepaper [[SAMLTechOvw]] helpful in this endeavor. It provides a detailed, illustrated expose of several of the SAML Web SSO profiles.
Interestingly, when I view the document, a plugin Skype (yes Jeff, I know it's proprietary) installed when I recently upgraded renders a phone number in one of the XML examples as a 'click to call'.

Presents some intriguing possibilities for smart clients.

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