Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I demand a recount

Liberty Alliance handed out some nice football jersey swag at the July plenary in Vancouver. The shirts each have a number representing the organizational primacy of the member receiving it. Mine has a '3' on the back.

My NTT colleague Yuzo Koga wasn't at the Vancouver meeting in order to receive his so he had to wait till Liberty came to Tokyo to get it.

The wait proved an effective strategy for Yuzo's ranking. I'm just glad I didn't do a Faith Hill when I saw the number.


jrouault said...

Hmm. I received the number 1 jersey after the fact when the Liberty team felt guilty about forgetting me during the Vancouver meeting. I think there are two number 1s now, me and Conor Cahil (with one 'l'). Paul, I would be happy to petition that you get zero!

Paul Madsen said...

I wanted 'EndPointReference' on the back of mine but the font would have been too small


yuzo said...

Thanks. I was very glad that I could see you at Aoyama, and I could receive the shirt, which I had been waiting so long. No.2 is great honor to me!