Friday, November 03, 2006

May the force be with me

I'm no coder, but when Pat Patterson demoed to me (at last week's Tokyo Liberty Alliance Day) the steps involved in adding SAML 2.0 support to an SP site using his Open Source SAML 2.0 PHP library, it looked so straightforward that even I could do it.

Conseqently, I will try.

For full developer versimilitude, I see a sequence something like the following:
  1. purchase a Simpson's Desktop Calendar.
  2. download and install Wordpress.
  3. go watch a matinee showing of 'Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith'. Tell co-workers I'm going to the dentist.
  4. install Pat's library.
  5. complain about the stupidity of Product Managers.
  6. tell Product Management I need more time, citing the fact that they didn't account for the time difference with India.
  7. various 'parameter setting' and 'tweaking'
  8. pontificate on the subject of Java versus C++. Say things like 'You don't know what you are talking about - Java's inheritance sucks'
  9. complain to Pat about the quality of his documentation.
  10. do something involving 'source control'
  11. more tweaking
  12. pull an 'all-nighter' to finish
  13. delay 3 weeks before telling Product Management (use the time to learn Klingon)

1 comment:

Superpat said...

And when you call to say that you it's buggy and you can't get it working, I'll reply with the developer classic "Well - it works on my machine" :-)