Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OpenID and i-names

Pamela commented on my post about the OpenID ceremony, at least as currently implemented by Paul Toal's.
And then there are the inames. I can't figure out when exactly I get to start using my iname to authenticate, and if I do, do I still need to specify a provider? I remember from IOS Santa Clara that inames & open IDs are merging for OpenID 2.0, I just can't figure out if that means now, or soon... luckily I get to ask all these types of questions at IIW in a few weeks :)
As I understand it, in OpenID 2.0, if you provide the RP your i-name, the RP would use XRI resolution to retrieve an XRDS document, and from that extract the appropriate IDP endpoint for redirection.

Consequently, having the user provide both the IDP through a drop-down list as well as an i-name would seem to provide only opportunity for confusion.

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