Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As I cannot leave comments on Paul Toal's blog, and he cannot leave any on mine (and I don't have an email address for him), we are forced to have a conversation through sequential posts.

Paul responded to a post of mine, in which I questioned the UI elements for his OpenID authentication option. Paul wrote

From looking at the code for the plug-in, the only real purpose of the drop down box is to change the icon within the field next to it to match the type of server you will be using. Other than changing the icon, it serves no real purpose.
Actually, it does appear to do more than this. When I leave 'LiveJournal User' selected, and provide my Verisign PIP OpenID URI, I get an error message of 'Couldn't find OpenID Server'. When I switch to select 'Other OpenID' and provide the same URI, I am successfully directed to Verisign's PIP.

Paul also indicated that he wasn't able to comment directly on my blog because the Blogger captcha mechanism didn't work for him. No clue here. I use Firefox and the captcha works for me.

As for my OpenID-enabling my blog, lately I've found I have less and less ability to drive Google policy on identity. They listened so much more when they were only worth 20 billion.

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