Thursday, November 27, 2008

One profile too far

Just flicked past the National Dog Show on my way to the Lions-Titans blow-out.

Dogs with legs 2 inches long are a perfect example of the profiling of a core specification gone horribly wrong.

Other examples do come to mind.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that dogs with any length of leg can walk, run, and jump. What is it about the specification that would break based on the value of this attribute?

Or are you advocating a specification that arbitrarily limits scope of use based on the politics of the defining standards body? Tsk tsk. I expected more.

Paul Madsen said...

For myself, the issue is whether the profile satisfies some real world use case, or merely the perverse whims of the 'puppy mill' defining it.

Plus whether the resulting profile has hip dysplasia and heart disease

Anonymous said...

Any one of the breeds you'd see at a fancy schmancy dog show will have had issues with inbreeding. That's more about monoculture than any implicit attribute.

As for use cases - I would hope that anyone who adopts a dog has one simple base use case at heart.