Friday, November 21, 2008

God sues Microsoft for copyright infringement

In a move described by copyright lawyers as 'ground breaking', the Supreme Deity has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft (MSFT) for copyright infringement of her  The 10 Commandments work. The suit alleges that Microsoft's 'Laws of Identity', as popularized by Kim Cameron, has violated its copyright.

"The so-called 'Laws' are a deliberate and complete knock-off. It's quite unconscionable, even bordering on egregious. It's perfectly clear that they are based on my client's earlier work" said God's attorney Smitty James."Pretty much the only thing that's different is that there are only 7 laws, compared to our 10 commandments. Did they run out of time or something?"

James added "We believe that the Laws were created with deliberate intent to interfere in God's economic affairs and interest and to deceive the marketplace regarding the origin, nature and identity of the Supreme Being. We'll be seeking commensurate, i.e. 'huge', damages".

The suit provides examples of infringement - alleging that, Law #3, that of Justifiable Parties, derives from the Commandment stipulating that God's worshipers MUST 'have no other other Gods before me'.

Kim Cameron has not responded directly to the allegations, writing on his blog only "We are committed to copyright protection and believe this suit will be resolved in Our favour."

Microsoft representatives were quick to issue a statement clarifing "that the unfortunate capitalization of  'Our' was nothing more than a typographical error".

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