Monday, November 17, 2008

Playing with the new CardSpace.

It seems I have no personal cards


but neither do I seem to be able to create any ...

Should I not see a 'Create Card' option?

I appeared to be successful adding a managed card from the Verisign PIP, but no card appears when I then tried to use it to log-in to PIP.


Anonymous said...

From ...

Much of the plumbing needed to support existing cards isn’t available yet in this beta, including the code to import and export cards from .crds files and support for personal (self-issued) cards. When included, self-issued cards will offer privacy conscious users or developers the ability use their own cards rather than downloading cards from a provider. We think of these as analogous to a business card, serving as an excellent introduction, but offering no third party verification of your identity.

Card issuers can enable retrieving the information that CardSpace needs to use a card either via the WS-MetadataExchange protocol or via HTTP GET over HTTPS. This beta only supports retrieving this information via HTTP GET. We will look into the support for WS-MetadataExchange for the next public release.

Paul Madsen said...

Thanks Mike


p.s. some business cards are 3rd party issued :-)