Thursday, October 16, 2008


From the add contacts page at

All Your Friends Are Here

With, you can keep all your friends in one place, making it simple to find people when you need them. Grab your contacts from services you subscribe to, your current address book, or add a new contact by hand.

Then you can combine them easily so you know that Daveman692 is really your friend Dave who likes scuba diving and has the crazy hair. Then add tags so you group and find people according to special interests.

Was this tailored to me? Because I do indeed know a daveman692 who likes scuba and sometimes has crazy hair (not that I'm judging).

Or is it simply a private joke between members of the cool end of the identerati continuum?  Designed to mock the uncool end? Nice, very nice.

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Anonymous said...

daveman692 was chosen totally at random as we thought no one could possibly still have a username like that in this day and age.