Friday, October 24, 2008

Who the #$@&* is Patrick Heuchenne?

Update: Patrick resolves the mystery as to our connection, it was through Project VRM.

I'm always impressed by the 'You may also know ...' feature of social networks - it seems a bit spooky how they can guess who else I might have a connection to (yes, even trivially simple algorythms can create spookiness).

The capture below is from Plaxo.

Of the 9 suggestions, 8 could be considered relevant - I either do indeed know the individual, or might want to pretend to (were I not already connected with them multiple times over in other networks).

But my pending friend Patrick had me stumped. A Google search didn't clarify.

Then I found him on Linked In.

And I do indeed feel a connection - just the other day I was explaining to my kids that 'Buying or selling is at the end of a transformation process which converts subtle experiences into tangible and physical ones'. That is freaky.

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Unknown said...

And who are you? You asked, here I am reading your blog.