Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Much as I love a Microsoft rant

an article that blasts Microsoft for Live ID not issuing card based identities should acknowledge the card support already in Live ID.
Separately, has UProve technology been integrated?

Put your birthday into a managed card and you can prove that you’re over 16 for a shopping site without handing over details that could help someone hack your bank account if the site loses its customer details on a USB stick, because the site only gets the assertion that you’re old enough, not the actual day, month and year.
This bit has me stumped
Is it because OpenID is accepted by a lot of sites? So are information cards,

I will submit another possible explanation as to why Microsoft is currently hiliting their OpenID support in Live ID, more so than information cards.

Perversely restrictive list.

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Anonymous said...

I want to remind folks that Higgins is working on selectors for other platforms. I currently use a client in Safari and Firefox on my Mac as well as one on my iPhone.

With the ICF and Higgins info-cards are not just Microsoft any more.

Paul if you are good I will hook you up with a iPhone selector at IIW.

John Bradley