Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Tangled Web (not so much)

Johannes compiles a nice list of identity initiatives.

There is some 'appling & oranging' going on, I think more useful would be to categorize the various groups & initiatives. Here is my stab at a taxonomy:


OpenID, SAML, WS-*, ID-WSF, ID-FF, Shibboleth, YADIS, XRI/XDI, OAuth, XACML

Spec Definition Bodies

OASIS, OpenID community, Liberty Alliance, IETF, W3C, ID Commons, ITU, Internet 2, Google groups

OpenSource Software

Bandit, Higgins, OpenLiberty, OpenID for PHP, OpenSAML, ZXID, SimpleSAMLphp

Discussion Forums

ID Gang

Metasystem initiatives

Concordia, Cardspace & OpenID 'partnership'


Catalyst, RSA, DIDW, IOS

Use cases

User-centric, VRM, enterprise, mobile

With this we can write sentences like

[Specification], defined by the [Spec definition Body] has been optimized to support [Use Case] identity. Work is underway to create software libraries at [Open Source Software]. There will be an interop demonstration of [Specification] and [Specification] working together, as profiled at [Metasystem initiative] at [Conference/Meeting]. Meanwhile, bickering continues on the [Discussion Group].

Maybe we could even standardize the above boiler plate to ensure consistency of PR?


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that the category "Promotion" (or a better wording for that, but I ruled out "evangelism") is missing ?
We can found in it : Lib. Alliance, PRIME, Oath (from J. Ernst list)...

Unknown said...

1) I think you're missing IIW in your conferences/meetings list, and

2) Standardized PR? It sounds great! I look forward to your post a year from now, detailing the taxonomy of PR Standards, PR Conferences, and Open Source PR Software :)