Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Have they never been?

From a booking for an upcoming trip to Tokyo

'Having a set of wheels' in Tokyo would most certainly NOT make my trip more fun. It WOULD make it more expensive, stressful & (most likely) litigious.

They should do a little research into local driving conditions before they suggest that a traveller should make the attempt neh?


Pamela said...

Maybe they get kickbacks from the collision people... in fact who knows, it could be a federated kickback :)

Robert said...

you're right Paul. Once stayed in Osaka for a month to do some cooperation with the university there. My host had very nicely arranged for us to stay with a Japanese family, that had a largish house and rented out rooms. These nice people had connections and had arranged a large sedan for me to use. After I'd gone to work by the excellent trains for a couple of days there was clear social pressure to use the big car... So I tried and needed of course muhc more time and it was really stressfull. Driving on the wrong side of the road is one thing, but not being able to reliable decipher the signs on 8 lane freeways something different. I got a bit lost couple of times but somehow managed to find my way back.
We solved the "issue" by suggesting to our hosts that we use the car for the day trips they were taking us on in the weekends.