Friday, February 09, 2007

One Elgg, Sunny Side Up

Ben Werdmuller and Marc Canter are engaged in a pissing match heated discussion over their respective social network offerings - it's Elgg vs PeopleAggregator.

When criticized for Elgg's supposed lack of FOAF support, Ben responded
Actually, we've been doing FOAF pretty much since the year dot. Trouble is, nobody actually uses it. Show me the consumer applications. Or, in fact, any significant applications that even produce it. It's a bit like IMS in the educational world; you can shout all you want about it, and tout it as an important commercial feature, but in reality it doesn't really make much of a difference to anything. Ditto, SCORM. Or XFN.

What I do agree is that there needs to be some kind of standard that reliably covers the sort of data FOAF was meant to represent, in a flexible way.

Ben might be forgetting something.


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