Thursday, February 01, 2007

Atomic VRM

I have a pretty good idea of the business trips I will take this year. Current best estimate (will certainly change) is
  1. March - London
  2. April - Brussels
  3. June - Dulles
  4. July - Oxford
  5. September - Wellington
  6. October - Tokyo
  7. December - Santa Clara
By default I will fly Air Canada or United (or other Star Alliance partners) to ensure that I get the miles for Aeroplan and the perks associated with my status. But, for any one trip I would definitely consider another airline if the price were right - I'm loyal only up to a point.

I would even consider switching loyalty programs if it was worth my while. It wouldn't be for a single trip, it could be for a year's worth of travel.

A rough estimate of the cost for the above trips is $9-10K. Is this a big enough number for other airlines to want to proactively court my business by quoting me a number for the complete set? Is it large enough for them to throw in some status perks?

VRM should account for such dependencies between individual items - either an airline bids on the package or not at all.

Pseudo-XML might look like


<air:flight return="1" maxConnect="1">
<air:from id="yow">YOW</air:from>
<air:to id="lhr">LHR</air:to>
<air:day start="#yow" end="#lhr">07-07-07</air:day>
<air:day start="#lhr" end="#yow">14-07-07</air:day>

<air:flight return="1" maxConnect="2">
<air:from id="yow2">YOW</air:from>
<air:to id="wel">WEL</air:to>
<air:day start="#yow2" end="#wel">10-09-07</air:day>
<air:day start="#wel" end="#yow2">24-09-07</air:day>


I'd love to see the equivalent microformat.

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weaverluke said...

Paul, if you could get to London by Feb 19th, you could come to the launch event of the Identity Society!