Thursday, February 22, 2007

Been there, done that

Scott Kveton equates Passport with the Liberty Alliance, minimizing both as 'been there ,done that' and 'totally impenetrable to the casual developer'.

I totally agree. For too long, identity security has been stuffy and serious, let's just have fun with it.


Scott Kveton said...

Just to clarify, in that talk I'm addressing common things I hear from users that first hear of OpenID. Often we hear "been there, done that" with references to Passport and Liberty. However, I did not mean to equate them with one another; they are different solutions to the problems they set out to solve.

But I do stick by the "impenetrable to the casual developer" part ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clarification Scott. As the momentary halo of fame engulfs thee, it is nice to see you merrily pissing on the efforts of folks whose very shoulders you stand on.

I guess if the Liberty team had paid you a visit, a la Kim's little love jaunt to JanRain we'd see Passport and CardSpace on that slide. And the cackles would've been louder.

Good going.

Scott Kveton said...

The Liberty team did pay us a visit weeks before Microsoft did:

Eve Maler's post


David Recordon's post

It was a great visit and discussions are on-going about how we can work together.