Wednesday, May 10, 2006

World's first demo of Liberty People Service

My colleague Yuzo Koga posts (in Japanese) about the world's first demonstration of a Liberty People Service implementation at the RSA Japan conference

My fluent skills in Nihongo allow me to provide the following translation:

Can you please tell me where is Shinjuku Station? "RSA Conference Japan 2006" Good morning, how are you? I am well thank you. "Liberty Alliance Project" Does this train go to Akhibara? "ID-WSF People Service" I'd like a beer please.

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Anonymous said...

My translation are:

RSA Conference Japan 2006 opens today. You can see the world first demonstration of ID-WSF People Service of Liberty Alliance Project in the exhibition hall. You can also find demo scenario (in Japanese) here. It would be very nice if all of you could come and see it.