Tuesday, May 30, 2006

SDO Tycoon

The popularity of Tycoon games (e.g. Zoo, Rollercoaster, Moon, Mall, Lemonade, Monopoly etc) with my kids makes me think there is an untapped opportunity ....

SDO Tycoon

SDO Tycoon delivers a fantastic standards development experience! Immerse yourself in first-person views as you take your specifications from initial smoke-filled rooms through industry stalling drafts to eventual standards. You control it all!

Create your SDO
  • Pick an IP policy (use the built-in random number generator if you can't decide)
  • Set membership dues (too cheap and anybody can join, too pricey and you'll be accused of exclusivity)
  • Choose a timeline (that meets your product development cycle)
Enjoy realistic SDO experiences
  • Peak in on private meetings with the Closed Door Cam
  • Write specifications with the Easy Spec Template
  • Experience real meeting room atmosphere with the patented Stuffy Air™ face mask (USB connection required, not approved for use in Canada). You can actually hear the yawns! (sound card required)
  • See realistic room views - including blurry slideshows, attendees doing email and more ...
  • Travel to exotic locations, enjoy the vistas of the 'Ride from the Airport'.
A huge array of diverse contributors — everyone is unique!
  • Create your membership and add them to your SDO
  • Assign them to groups. Have a blast watching them struggle to write a charter.
  • Adjust the degree of politics - fine tune between two levels - 'High' and 'Freakin High'
  • Deal with different personalities, make friends AND enemies!
  • See animated individuals (including facial expressions!) exhibit sometimes intelligent behavior, both individually and as a crowd.
Add the new 'Liason Pack' or 'Conformance & Interoperability Module' for unprecented complexity.

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