Saturday, May 06, 2006

Identity Disclaimer

Given that there is a proposed new disclaimer for the internet itself, perhaps we need something comparable for identity.

Your identity is precious, share it on the Web at your own risk. Many sites will ask you for it, you almost certainly should decline. If you do decide to share, do not place any great hope that you can control the uses of your identity information once you click the 'Send' button - it's gone. Repeat after me - 'gone'. If you provide your email address, you should proactively add the site to your email filters 'spam list' because, regardless of what you told them, they will probably send you 'newsletters'. You should never give your real identity, instead make up the details of your life - it works for you in the bars, why change? If you provide your shipping address, expect that it will be sold and you will subsequently receive junk mail alerting you to 'incredible time-share opportunities' (do not buy into the Poconos - it's a bubble and your investment will be lost). When asked to provide a password, chose something easily memorable - hackers will appreciate the courtesy and possibly do less damage. And you know those people that say that the risk of giving your credit card to a restaurant waiter is greater than sharing the number online - well those people probably bought into the Poconos Bubble. The Web is no place for your identity, keep it in your wallet.

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