Saturday, June 28, 2008

So you think you can assert?

I'm pitching an idea for a new reality show to the networks. Working title is 'So you think you can Assert?'.

The idea is that we have a big name RP (TBD, I'm in conversations with some strong candidates but negotiations are still underway) looking for suitable OPs. We do an initial interview where the RP complains about how hard it is to find good OPs, how it's not their specialty to assess security processes, and how they really just want the whole decision made for them, etc (we'll do the interview in a boardroom). We'll have lots of shots of our charming and attractive host making sympathetic faces in close-up, head-nodding etc.

If the RP doesn't feel up to the job of choosing OPs, let's let "The People' TM decide!

For each episode we'll bring in 3 new candidate OPs, who will all pitch why they should be that week's winner. Maybe one uses 2-factor, another a snazzy picture grid, the other has a large user base, etc.

Lots of candid interviews with each OP tearing apart the other 2, e.g. 'Yeah, I know thats how many users they say they have but ask me how many women I've slept with and I might exaggerate too' and 'Well he supports 3-factor if you count his fat ass as two of them '. Juicy stuff.

I see the charming & attractive host asking probing and insightful questions like 'So how about mobile?' and 'Users really want this?' etc. The drama will be great.

Here's the magic. At the end of each episode, we let the viewers decide which OP the RP will add to their whitelist.
If you want RP to accept identity assertions from OP1, text 'OP1'

Lots of shots of the screaming, happy winner OP, the bitter losers shaking their heads, the RP smiling idiotically, etc

Series ends with the RP being sued for multiple privacy breaches. Shot of RP CEO  running after cameraman, etc.

Sure winner. You in or out?

Cat, call me, let's do lunch. The hosting role is perfect for you. So what if you know nothing about security & privacy - it's the viewers that need to understand that stuff.

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