Monday, June 09, 2008

Gloved or non-gloved?

I confess that we did not anticipate the need to describe an authentication event in which the user made no claim to a particular identity.
the right to travel without showing ID--providing that passengers are willing to be subject to a pat down and a bit of probing:

The SAML TC would be remiss if we did not define a new 'probing' class post-haste.

I expect that it will be in dealing with the many and subtle variations of probing that we will face our challenges.

For instance, should 'orifice' be an element or an attribute?

What of lubing?

And should we constrain the location of the probing to a pre-defined list of 'probeable' cavities?

Or should we give the authorities the ability to determine just what cavities are probeable and what aren't - this by leaving the schema open?.

I think I speak for the members of the TC when I say that we would make no claims to authority on this topic, and we definitely wouldn't want to artificially constrain the inventiveness of customs & security officers around the world.

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