Monday, June 30, 2008

Monkey See

I like how illustrates a 'privacy disclosure continuum'

A nit.

The tagline implies to me that, were the user able to 'own' their identity, they'd be able to 'evolve' beyond the current chimp-like reality of Web identity.

Humans are not evolved chimpanzees. We are evolved from a common ancestor with the chimpanzees.

I do grant that '' is not optimal as a base URI for entering into the OpenID box.

Separately, if I get a identity, I'm definitely going to be a Bonobo. - the other type is just so Common. And Bonobos have all the fun.

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Tony said...

When we were playing around with the name, some bright spark pointed out that chimps are actually more divergent from our common ancestor than humans and thus are technically more evolved than us. As such, maybe we're hoping that humans will evolve into chimps, they certainly seem to have more fun. . .