Thursday, June 26, 2008


In the press surrounding the formation of the Infocard Foundation, and on the ICF site itself, the new & improved authentication experience is described as
When you go to a website that accepts Information Cards or "I-Cards" you can "click-in" without the need to type in a user name and password.

Two comments:

1) Click-in? is this going to be trademarked for Infocards only? I already 'click in' using Sxipper.

And you know, I never actually presented a 'log' or 'signed' anything before to authenticate. Do we need a new descriptor?

2) all the talk of 'without the need to type in a user name and password' ignores the possibility of the user needing to present a) a PIN to the selector to open the card or b) authenticate to the IDP.

Isn't the real difference 'without the need to give to the RP a user name and password'?

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