Friday, June 13, 2008

A Firmo handshake

NTT's Firmo transmits data across the surface of user's skin to let them communicate with electronic devices simply by touching them (or sitting on them I guess).

Firmo consists of a card-sized transmitter that the user would carry. The card would convert stored data (e.g. credentials, personal profile, favourite TV shows, etc) into a weak AC electric field that extends across the body. When the user touches a device or object embedded with a compatible receiver, the electric field is converted back into a data signal that can be read by the receiver. Firmo is based on NTT's RedTacton HAN technology.


1) I was not involved in the naming of Firmo.
2) The bar scene will never be the same again.
3) NTT Canada (Ottawa Division) not being granted a demo device, I tried to rig up my own version with a car battery and a coathanger wire. Thanks for all your cards, the burns are healing quite nicely.

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