Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rights Expression Language

Just listened to a CBC interview discussing the creation of a "Passenger Bill of Rights".

The point was made that, once the door closes, the airline can hold the passengers on-board indefinitely - motivating a "A right to not be trapped on a plane" clause in the Bill.

Straightforward 'retention' issue.

I wonder if we could express the below in IGF?

If more than seventy five minutes elapse between when the last passenger boards a plane and when either the plane takes off or it aborts, returns to the gate, and commences deplaning passengers, and/or if more than sixty minutes elapse between when the plane touches down and when the first passenger steps off the plane, all passengers will be entitled to a Trapped On Board compensation and for an additional Trapped On Board compensation for each whole thirty minutes of extra time that this situation continues.

Has the same logical structure of 'if occurrence X, then consequence Y'.


Robert said...

Who creates a Bill of Participant Rights with a Trapped in a Standards Meeting clause, and what shall the compensation be ?
And what about Trapped in a Standards Organization ?

Paul Madsen said...

Robert, you signed away any such rights with the 'I agree to accept a salary' waiver.