Tuesday, March 11, 2008


First Yahoo! defined its own OpenID ceremony. You can make the argument that Yahoo! is a big enough identity provider that they warrant their own button.

Does that argument hold for that other major IDP Clickpass?

I do appreciate that the inefficiencies of spam for marketing to me are being addressed.
No need to rely on sporadic emails. Clickpass prompts users to return and log in day after day... after day.

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Peter Nixey said...

Hi Paul,

I'm Peter Nixey, one of the founders of Clickpass. We don't actually email users each day and would certainly never dream of doing so.

I think we mis-communicated what we meant on that page and were actually alluding to the fact that users see their most recent sites when they log into Clickpass which reminds them to log into them.

Apologies for the confusion.