Monday, March 17, 2008

How juvenile (really)

My teenage niece uses FaceBook. Alot.

We were temporarily friended-up there. I removed the link so I could write this post. (Although I wonder if FaceBook's 'updates' defeated the intent of hiding her?). Her invite
Hello uncle paul, paul says u r a babe!!!

It's good to know that my namesake nephew, notwithstanding him always calling me 'Fatty', sees the inner me.

The posts from my niece's friends on her 'wall' provide an interesting insight into how they see confidentiality. For instance (some details changed to protect the (literally) innocent.)
Well if you SWEAR not to tel anyone especcialy Paula then ya I kinda like Michal...

Girlfriend, my lips are sealed. Unfortunately the Internet is the biggest gossip you've ever seen. And did you see what it wore to the Dance last Friday? You could even see its routing table!

What's not to like about Michael - he is is dreamy. And his eyes, OMG!

But wait, should Michael feel threatened? Is there somebody else in the picture?
???? im so confused what about Conor?... wat happened at school in hallway?... how do u no who he likes?... i have NO idea if he likes u or nott...

More angst, confusion and hallway scheming than an identity standards meeting.

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