Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Connectid Acquires 'Web Log of Esoterica'

First Microsoft picks up Credentica, now Ping buys Sxip Access (allowing Sxip to focus on 'making the Internet simpler and safer', phew).

All these acquisitions make me think that unless I make a move I'll be left behind.

Consequently, I have entered into negotiations with Conor Cahill for the purchase of the assets associated with his (recently comatose) blog. Analysis of his readership convinces me there may be some value in those few posts of Conor's that link to this blog.

Once the deal closes I'll be listening to the public and quickly divesting myself of the 'Gadget' posts. You are very welcome.


Dave Kearns said...

Hey, if you want to acquire a moribund blog, the Virtual Quill is available!

a) no new posts for a month
b) a higher Page Rang than Connor's!

And I'll bet my price is better, too...


Paul Madsen said...

Dave, thats an interesting possibility.

Coincidentally, my management team recently identified increased readership amongst seniors as a key goal for Q2.

We should get some face time and talk about synergies & leveraging core values.