Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No rest for the wicked

Well actually, perhaps not necessarily.

Hubert describes some Sun work of his and Marc in which they look at a REST binding for Liberty Alliance ID-WSF.
One of the interesting evolution of online services is this sort of schism between 2 camps: the XML/SOAP based web services camp and the REST camp that's based on HTTP. For having spent considerable time in Liberty Alliance (working on ID-WSF etc.) I've noticed however that the notion of identity has not yet fully permeated into the REST world the way it did with a framework like Liberty's ID-WSF. In this post and the following ones I'd like to introduce some work we've been working on at Sun: a RESTful approach for identity-based services.

I quake in fear at the thought of having to edit all XML samples in every deck to remove <soap:Envelope> etc. Ah well, what price progress.

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