Monday, March 31, 2008

Now I understand

Just as Mike acknowledges a clear explanation of XRI, I will acknowledge the most concise history of web services I have ever read,
Before explaining how this is done, just a brief word on the history of Web Services. Web Services are a suite of specifications that enable two (or more) different software systems to interact without knowing the details of the other’s technology. SOAP, the core specification, was released in 1998 and essentially defined a way to encapsulate data in XML. Since that time, many specifications have been developed that add advanced functionality to this simple idea. These specifications are collectively known as WS-*.

Rare is a single paragraph that crams so many errors in (e.g. web services does not dictate SOAP, WS-* does not encompass all enhancements to the SOAP stack, SOAP does not define a way to encapsulate data, etc )

On the original post on Cardspace UI & ceremony, while I love a sarcastic critique post as much as the next guy (perhaps more so), and have spent a not insignificant amount of time cursing Cardspace experience myelf, I do question whether such an analysis belongs in a series characterized as 'history'.

In contrast, the post on the DocVRM complex is both apt and illuminating.


drstarcat said...

Hey Paul,

I'm not a real expert at Web Services (as you correctly note). It's also hard to reduce something that complicated into a paragraph. If you would be willing to compose a better 1 paragraph summary, I'd be happy to replace it.

As far as a sarcastic post, the Cardspace post isn't intended to be (though I do want to keep it light). Getting an unfettered view of a first experience is really important.

Finally, I still REALLY want to talk to you about Liberty and SAML (as I mentioned the first time you commented on the blog). Drop me a note at =rj and we'll make sure to get it right the first time.

Pamela said...

I guess that would make this post a sarcastic critique of a sarcastic critique??


Paul Madsen said...

Ryan, no fair! Responding to my jibes with courtesy & even-handedness is low-ball.

I'll XRI (what is the accepted term?) you at =rj.

Pam, and your comment would be a sarcastic query of a sarcastic critique of a sarcastic critique? Where does it end?