Monday, December 17, 2007

SSOCircle & Google

Daniel describes how SSOCircle and Google use SAML for SSO.

A video version

p.s. in the past week, I've received 3 comments for the above video, all bitching about the sound quality.

As I see it, I have two choices for dealing with the complaints. The first is to take the criticism as constructive advice and invest in a better microphone and learn a bit about recording levels etc.

Alternatively, I can just block the commenters. Hmmm ...

The microphone I have seems fine.


Robert said...

You didn't deliberately compromise the sound quality as to ensure that you would not expose uniquely identifiable information (your voice pattern) ?

Anonymous said...

You have more than 2 choices.
1. Ignore the commenters.
2. Make it harder to leave comments.
3. Go thru speech therapy.
4. Co-create (ask for others to record for you).
5. Ask your commenters for money for microphone (that should shut them up).