Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mixed Emotions

I am no longer Co-Chair of the Technology Expert Group (TEG) within the Liberty Alliance.

I have mixed emotions about the change; part of me is ecstatic, the other part giddy.

I'll miss being pushed around by Carolina & Joni, but I expect my wife will be willing to pick up the slack so that my level of cowed-ness will remain constant.

To help prepare Prateek for Carolina's return from maternity, I have taught him to say "I apologize", "You are right. It was silly of me to think otherwise", and "Sorry, I will stop interrupting" in Spanish. These at least will get him through the first call.

I plan on filling my time with

- Identity Governance Framework
- Project Concordia
- profiling SAML & ID-WSF for new SSO Use Cases
- Identity Assurance Framework
- VRM explorations
- the next phase of Liberty's client capabilities evolution
- continuing to add to my comprehensive Nihongo vocabulary (next lesson is saying 'Good Night'!)

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