Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Costus Interuptus

As I see it, the key aspect of the VRMish "Magazine Subscription Use Case" is the value of services providers being able to deliver uninterrupted services to users - even when confronted with changeable endpoints (e.g. a mailing address, etc).

But it's not just a changed endpoint that can interrupt service. Modified payment information can be an even quicker show-stopper.

I received the below from Sirius Canada.

Were Sirius to have obtained my credit card info from a 'wallet provider' the first time, and subscribed to be notified should the card information subsequently change, I would have been spared the hassle of changing the info myself if I renew.

Note: I thought about obfuscating the ESN above but couldn't see the danger. Was I wrong? Have I just made it possible for CSIS to track my listening habits? (For the record, I listen to the PlayBoy Radio Channel for the interviews).


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