Friday, December 07, 2007

Do I still get a t-shirt?

Update 4:I am shirted (along with everybody else who attended IIW).


Update 3:in a comment, Dale reassures me that my wardrobe will be appropriately extended. Related to Dale's comments about user experience, I'll be troubleshooting this with Pam at IIW.

Huzza to the Bandit team for their great help-desk support. Both Dale and Pam literally offered me the shirt off their backs (albeit the first stained and the second a so-called girly version)


Update 2: Andy clarified for me that my problem with the Firefox extension was indeed 'my' problem, as I was expecting the plug-in to enable card selection for Firefox on XP. But, the extension actually just calls out to a Digital Me exe, a Windows version of which doesn't yet exist.


Update: in comments, Andy & Carolyn encouraged me to try the latest Digital Me Firefox extension.

Alas, I still see errors

Saw the same messages at different RPs.

Perhaps relevant, the instructions indicate

Launch DigitalMe. Under the "File" menu, select "Import". This will bring up a file chooser dialog.

How do I 'launch' Digital Me?

The shirts look like tight in the collar anyways.

I've been trying to log-in to Bandit T-Shirts using a managed card from the Bandit Cards.

I'm stuck in a strange loop. Steps are

1) create account at Bandit Cards
2) after authenticating with account/password from Step 1, create a personal card for alternative authenticating mechanism (I predict that users are going to have trouble keeping such cards separate in their minds, I sure did)
3) download and install a managed card to the Cardspace selector (couldn't get Digital Me selector to work in Firefox
4) go to Bandit T-Shirts RP and ask to log-in.
5) (seemingly) successfully present the managed card to the RP
6) get shown a screen indicating that the email address from the card needs to be validated. Told to click on link in the mail just sent to me (it's not clear to me whether it's the IdP or the RP validating the email address. If the former, why not do the validation earlier when I created the account? If the latter, why not trust the IdP?)
7) Click on link, get taken to what appears to be the same page as Step 4 above. Noticeably missing is any 'Hi Paul, you have successfully presented a card, your t-shirt is on its way" message.
8) Rinse and repeat.

I do like those shirts.


Anonymous said...

A new Firefox plug-in has been posted that should resolve the issue you experienced. Give it a try and let me know if you have any problems.

-- Andy (

Unknown said...

Paul, have you had a chance to try the new Firefox plug-in? I really want to send you a t-shirt :).

Unknown said...

Hi Paul, sorry for the delay getting back to you on this. The Bandits are only now recovering from a turkey tryptophan induced stupor. Your shirt is on the way, bug reports have been filed, and your suggested "usability enhancements" are in progress. Usually, we're just happy when the bits arrive in the right sequence, so this user stuff is somewhat of a new challenge.

As to getting a shirt... if you don't get one by IIW, I'll give you mine. The stains will probably come out. :)