Wednesday, December 19, 2007

People Service & Last Minute Shopping

I'm scrambling to get a last-week XMas gift for my 10yr old, it's a Lego Mindstorm NXT Book.

The book store can guarantee it will arrive in time, but only if I ship it to an address in Toronto.

I do not live in Toronto. My brother does live in Toronto. My family will be seeing his family at my parents.

An idea begins to form.

As it is, I can make this happen by providing my brother's address (I've already sent the email asking him, this easier than searching through my wife's daytimer) by hand to the book store as an alternate 'Use this address'.

Much preferable would be for the book store to get my brother's address on its own. A sequence that would accomplish this is

1) discover and query my People Service
2) show me a list of possible 'shipping recipients'
3) once I chose my Toronto-based brother, discovery and query his personal profile service for his address
4) ship book
5) create me a nice card to give to my son on the 25th, saying 'Be patient, your uncle has the NXT book'.

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