Saturday, July 07, 2007

Punch Line

Friend 1: Hey, got a funny one. A guy goes into a bar ...
Friend 2: What's his name?
Friend 1: Why, what's it matter?
Friend 2: It matters alot, how we are identified can be critical, it could ...
Friend 1: OK, OK, lets call him 'Joe'.
Friend 2: 'Joe'? really? Well OK ...
Friend 1: You don't like 'Joe'?
Friend 2: No, no, 'Joe' is fine, It's just, well, you know, pretty common ...
Friend 1: Why is that bad?
Friend 2: Well, I guess I'm just worried about this 'Joe' getting confused with some other 'Joe' and being able to put drinks on his bar tab or something but, no, that's silly, lets move on ...
Friend 1: You sure? I mean, I want you to be happy, we could call him 'Eugene' or something?
Friend 2: 'Eugene'? Dear God no, that's too unique! Different bars that he might go to would be able to work out that he was going to both places, and work out his drinking patterns and stuff. No, lets stick with 'Joe'.
Friend 1: OK, great, so, a guy named 'Joe' goes into a bar and ..
Friend 2: Has be been there before?
Friend 1: Where, the bar? No, he hasn't been there before.
Friend 2: Probably best.
Friend 1: OK, so Joe says to the bartender ... Wait, what do you mean 'probably best?
Friend 2: Well, if Joe has never been there before then the bartender won't be able to ...
Friend 1: You know, I think you're missing the point. It's supposed to be a joke. What the bartender knows about Joe doesn't really matter.
Friend 2: (under his breath) I bet it matters to Joe.
Friend 2: (loudly) You're right, sorry, keep going.
Friend 1: Right, so Joe is in the bar and ...
Friend 2: He went in on his own right?
Friend 1: Yes, of course he went in on his own!
Friend 2: Good, so he wasn't dragged in without his consent or anything.
Friend 1: (through gritted teeth) No, he is absolutely there of his own freakin' consent. Is that clear? Can I go on now?
Friend 2: nods his head contritely
Friend 1: So Joe says to the bartender 'Give me a beer' and he throws a credit card on the bar ...
Friend 2: Credit card? Joe didn't have any cash? .... Hey, where are you going? I want to hear the end .....

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