Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Divine IM

Yahweh22: YT?
Moses88: I am not here right now.
Yahweh22: Moses, I know you're there, I can SEE you.
Moses88: Sorry Boss, I was screening.
Yahweh22: Well don't, it's annoying.
Moses88: Sorry Boss, WU?
Yahweh22: I want to send you a file with a set of instructions for the people. Sort of a "Top 10 of Do's & Don'ts"
Moses88: Great idea Boss, they could use some guidance. I've been seeing some idol worshipping lately.
Yahweh22: OK, sending the file
Yahweh22 wants to send you the file '10-Instructions.pdf', Accept?

Moses88: Did you send it Boss, nothing came through.
Yahweh22: Damn, this never works. I'll try email.
Moses88: Worth a try but your messages are getting caught in my spam folder.
Yahweh22: What?
Moses88: I think it's the 'ever-lasting' in your signature that the viagra rule seems to catch on.
Yahweh22: Well how am I going to get you the instructions?
Moses88: Courier?
Yahweh22: Get real. You seen their prices?
Moses88: True.
Yahweh22: OK, got an idea. Listen up
Moses88: All ears :-)
Yahweh22: I'm going to etch the instructions in a block of stone.
Moses88: LOL! Good one Boss. :-)
Yahweh22: I wasn't joking.
Moses88: Stone? Like a rock?
Yahweh22: Yup, something hard. Granite if I can get a good price.
Moses88: So I'll be showing this big stone to all the people?
Yahweh22: Sure, what's the problem?
Moses88: No problem at all Boss, it's just that I've been having back problems lately and I'm a little worried about carrying this thing around.
Yahweh22: There, that feel better?
Mosees88: Thanks Boss, much. Uhh, I've also had a bad rash on my ...
Yahweh22: Don't push it Moses. I'll send you down the stone ASAP
Moses88: Where will I find it?
Yahweh22: Lets use the burning bush thing again.
Moses88: Will do Boss :-)
Yahweh22: One more for the list. “Thou shall not use 'smileys' indiscriminately.” L8r
Moses88: :-(

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