Monday, July 16, 2007

Kreepy Krawly

I picked up an automatic vacuuming system for the pool (the boy proving less than reliable for keeping the algae at bay when I'm away)

Most of the time, the thing works great, working on my behalf, it putters around and does its thing. But occasionally, it gets stuck (damn you stairs!) or up-ended and I need to get involved to get it back on track. Typically, this involves me giving a little nudge to get the device back on its merry schlurping way. Even with the hassle of these occasional interventions, the effort the device saves me is, on balance, worth it.

Hmmm, user-mediated operations guiding subsequent automatic transactions. Identity analogy anyone? (even acknowledging that the vacuum's automatic operations are random & mindless, I have accounts with providers that seem to have the same process model).

Some would deny automatic identity transactions any part in a privacy-protecting identity framework, if the user is not directly involved, i.e. right then & there, then they can't be sure that the pool is being cleaned in accordance with their 'pool vacuum preferences'.

Two comments:
  • Sometimes the pool needs to be cleaned at inconvenient times,
  • I've yet to work out a way to stop my drink from spilling while actively vacuuming
For myself, just as I was willing to let our previous pool man Miguel (my wife still talks about him) perform important duties on my behalf, I'm willing to let the Kreepy Krawly do the same (with the occasional correcting nudge).

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