Thursday, March 12, 2009

When worlds collide

The fact that my Facebook friends list is an aggregation of both work and non-work hit home yesterday.

On what started as an innocuous thread on the relative merits of curling and football, comments were made by a non-work friend that, while completely appropriate to the relationship between myself and the commenter (we having a long history of questioning each other's masculinity and mental health), were not appropriate for a work context (or 98% of any other contexts it must be said).

Facebook allows me to create lists but not, AFAICT, use those lists to compartmentalize through differentiated permissions, e.g. allow members of one list to participate in a thread and not another.

If I had that ability, there wouldn't have been a problem. Nothing fancy, just something like

- those friends who find playground potty humour hilarious
- those who pay income tax

Fortunately, Facebook provides a delete function.


George Fletcher said...

I have also found it impossible to either maintain two facebook accounts or separate comment streams, photos, etc between groups of friends.

In addition, while Facebook allows me to create lists of friends, I don't really want to manage access/collaboration that way.

Now if only I could tag my Facebook friends (or better all my contacts across the web) and then control access via the tags... I'd have a pretty easy way to manage exposure of information. (Oh wait, didn't some org already define that?)

Paul Madsen said...

George, with respect to previous work in this area, indeed.


p.s. I'm starting the process of splitting up my list based on my proposed distinction, please choose which tag you want to be filed under.