Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey I drink beer!

and have an Internet connection too.

Will I get a badge?

And what is the policy on mistreating prisoners? No, not the official policy, the real one.

From Jeff.


Paul Madsen said...

Dear qhqRvjRmuMlsucQs02zzBg7BjqU-

Your name rings a bell.

We met at Burning Man right? (to be honest all I remember from that week is weird character strings)


Paul Madsen said...

ahh now I remember, it was qhqRvjRmuMlsucQs02zzBg7BjqU+ I met there

Sorry about that

Anonymous said...

Actually we last saw each other at a TEG meeting. I was the short fat bald guy.

I also go by Jeff.

Paul Madsen said...

'what a hilarious misunderstanding'