Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cart                   Horse

On visiting a geographically eponymous retailer, was welcomed by

They don't even know why I'm there, why presume to need my postal code?

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Joni said...

This type of thing annoys the heck out of me too. I'm *hopefully and naively(?) assuming* they ask this because their web infrastructure is advanced enough to link me to the stock database for the store closest to me.

On a similar note, recently I went in to a local auto store (I think it was AutoZone... or some thing like that) and I needed to exchange a 3.00 USD can of spray paint for another color. They proceeded to ask me for name, address, zip, birth date... on and on. I asked them if they had read the Ontario Privacy Commissioner's report and findings on the TJMaxx/Champs security breech fiasco... shockingly they had not ;-). Finally, I refused the interrogation and insisted they just exchange the silly $3 can of paint and allow me to leave.

The result... protests to excruciating info demands DO work in the F2F experience ;-). I find no way however to skirt around the new trend of retail sites insisting I tell them I am (or in other cases auto-redirecting based on IP address) so they can 'better' assist me in spending... sigh