Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A video is worth a million statistics

This video and associated site changed the way I think about the world. Makes me want to be a demographer.

I can't help but imagine similar animations showing SAML, Cardspace, and OpenID evolution. Place security along the vertical axis, SP promiscuity along the horizontal, use appropriately sized radii to indicate numbers of enabled identities, and see how the picture changes over time.

I expect we'd see the three circles move through the spaceon different trajectories, sometimes overlapping, sometimes separating, and at any one instant in time, showing differently rates of growth (likely driven by external phenomena like legislative activity or OS upgrading).

Masters thesis anyone?

Alternatively, an animation showing numbers and type (verinymous, pseudonymous, anonymous) of identities for an Internet user over time. If the circles don't start to get smaller we should all start looking for real jobs.

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