Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Identity systems as fried pastries

Pete (like Mark before him) jumps on the toroidal shape I used to depict the "spatial scope" of identity systems.

All I can say is that these shapes, misleading as they may be, are better than my first attempts at 3D drawing.

Speaking of Canadian pastries, Tim Hortons sells Timbits, tiny 'bite-sized' donuts. Timbits are sometimes presented (by me at least) as the remnants of the donut manufacturing process - the mythical 'bit' from the middle that would be otherwise discarded.

An offering of questionable value and necessity made viable by positioning in opposition to a well-established existing solution - purportedly filling holes in these existing alternatives? I'm just glad the identity standards industry is beyond such shenanigans.

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Pamela said...

Questionable value???!?? I'd like to point out that Timbits have frosting all the way around every bite, and they also allow you to have a bite of 5 different types of donut instead of having to eat one single flavor. Timbits are also much more portable because they can be jumbled all together, and they are easier to share, because they come in smaller units.

I think that Timbits could very well be the optimal configuration for fried pastries...