Thursday, December 15, 2005

Newswire: Liberty Alliance Changes Name

The Liberty Alliance management board has voted unanimously in favour of changing its name to the "Liberty URI Alliance".

In a prepared announcement, Liberty Alliance Prime Minister I.P. Roperty stated 'URIs have garnered significant popular enthusiasm in the industry lately. Quite simply, they are hot and we wanted to make clear that the Alliance is completely in favour of them. They are just super. Fantastic things! I fully expect to like them even more when somebody explains them to me.'

Roperty explained further 'The new name simply reflects the emphasis and priority we have always given URIs. In fact we use them all the time. For instance, Liberty's homepage has a URL and that's kind of like a URI right? I myself am considering having my name legally changed to "SAMLart". Or maybe "http://" - I haven't decided yet. Maybe they could be different personas - those are hot too'.


Dave Kearns said...

Love it!

But with the new service ( won't they want to be the "People's Republic of Liberty"?


Pat Patterson said...


Paul Madsen said...

Dave, interestingly, the PRC has been in touch with the Alliance about the potential for using the new People Service internally. We're in the process of trying to determine if our API will scale to the required numbers. I confess we only designed for 1 billion so it could be a stretch.

The UI is going to be problematic as well.