Monday, December 05, 2005


A number of Canadian banks have created a federated payment system called InteracOnline. Consumers can pay direct from their banking account, comparable to debit cards versus credit cards at the cash.

They don't use the term but the claimed benefits for the consumer read right out of federated identity white papers:
  • Privacy: you do not need to provide any financial details, card numbers or login information to the online merchant.

  • Ease of use: because the payment is conducted through web banking, you don’t need to worry about creating any new passwords or accounts.

  • Security: the payment is completed through the Financial Institution you know and trust.
and one I hadn't come across before
  • Spending Control: The Interac Online service helps you better manage your finances – you can’t spend more than what you have in your bank account!
That last sounds like a challenge.

Despite the currently small number, there seems quite the mix of participating merchants. Professional curiosity as to implementation, UI design etc will almost certainly require me to conduct further research at one or two of these sites (most likely chosen at random).

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