Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well he started it!

Pam's haiku collection feels too much like my mother telling me to stop fighting with my brothers.

Mom: OK, now calm down and tell me what the problem is.
Me: (blubbering) Well, they have started this club, and they want to call it the 'metasystem', and I said that's not right because it's scoped for just infocards and then they...
Mom: Slow down a bit. So they want to use the metasystem concept in their name and you think that this is inappropriate? Is that it?
Me: Uh huh, and then they said that I couldn't even join their club cuz I had my own baby club ...
Mom: (to brother) OK, your turn. What's this about a club?
Brother: Ahh mom, it's just a place for me and my buddies to hang out.
Mom: That's fine. But 'metasystem'? How many times have we talked about using nomenclature to exclude your brother?
Brother: But Mom, he always tries to bring in that OpenID guy.
Mom: (to me) What did I tell you about not playing with that kid? Why don't you ever play with Liberty from down the road? She's fun isn't she?
Me: Ahh mom, Liberty is alright, but lately all she ever wants to play is her ID TBD game.

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