Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pray for me

If Mccain/Palin win, I expect there will be a backlash against liberal leaning blogs (that occasionally mock 'Intelligent Design' and other fairy tales) such as Connectid.

I predict a concerted campaign of low readership, poor Adsense revenue, and general disinterest. Not very nice but that's just how people like them operate.

Well I'm not hanging around waiting for that to happen. I'm moving to Canada. Oh wait, that's right ....

To my US friends, if the Rapture should happen, please know that I'll be laughing with you, and not at you.


George Fletcher said...

Ahh... but your expectations would be wrong. I actively read your blog, pray for you and excuse your mockings ;-)

Paul Madsen said...

George, I depend on forgiving souls such as yourself in all aspects of my life :-)


Robert said...

Paul we love your blog and especially the ID mocking. So if things would turn out bad I'll organize a Carrotmob and bring you such a readership that google is really wondering if something's wrong with their OAuth and SAML implementations. If needed we use GMO carrots, of course.