Friday, October 10, 2008

Incompatible UI?

Yahoo's just released UI research for OpenID Best Practices recommends distinguishing between local and federated UI.
Many users were confused by Login screens which contained both the traditional username/password login form, and the OpenID URL textbox. Some users thought that they needed to enter a username, password, and an OpenID to sign in. To reduce confusion, we recommend that Relying Parties clearly indicate that users have a choice of logging in using traditional methods, or by using an OpenID
This seems incompatible with Google's omnibus proposal - which conflates both.

(If I worked at Yahoo! I bet I'd get tired of writing the '!' over and over in every correspondence or document)

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Anonymous said...

I like the part where they note that the RP should not make the user fill out a form when they log in for the first time. Then note that Yahoo doesn't support SREG. One is tempted to find irony in that.