Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Whenever I'm feelinng blue

This definition of 'the' identity metasystem' invariably cheers me up.

Some may not appreciate this subtle brand of humour, preferring 'pie-in-your-face' slapstick, but for myself, this is pure comedic gold.
An encapsulating protocol to obtain claims and requirements. The WS-Trust and WS-Federation protocols are used to carry requests for security tokens and responses containing those tokens

Pure genius! The Onion would be jealous.

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Pirkka said...


How about the countervailing quotation from Mike Neuenschwander: "SAML is the de facto standard for identity federation". And it achieved it without ever "claim"-ing to be a meta anything.

There's something very 'land-grabby' about the word "claim", isn't there?