Thursday, January 24, 2008

From Claims to the Moluccas

1) Microsoft Cardspace builds on the idea of claims.
A “digital identity” is a set of claims made by one party about another party

2) Antarctica is owned by no country, but seven have made territorial claims over different (sometimes overlapping) pie-shaped sectors.

3) Argentina bases its claim in part on the Treaty of Tordesillas

4) The Treaty of Tordesillas was the 15th Century agreement between Portugal and Spain that divided up the globe into two domains - everything west of a mid-Atlantic meridian ceeded to Spain, everything east to Portugal.

5) A similar separation (not always respected) has evolved between SAML & OpenID - everything inside the enterprise meridian ceeded to SAML, that outside in the Web 2.0 world of Twitter etc to OpenID. (will online banking be the Moluccas that destroys this neat arrangement?)

6) Both SAML & OpenID deal in 'assertions', rather than claims.


Anonymous said...

So, does this mean WS-Fed and WS-Trust are left out in the cold? or will online banking declare independence and adopt Cardspace?

Paul Madsen said...

George, some countries are big enough to make their own rules for resolving territorial disputes.

Wrt independence, there are brave freedom fighters throughout the world.